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How long does it take for you to fabricate our job?

Generally the time between a template and install is (7) days. This can vary some if it is a large job.

Can I place hot pans directly on granite?

Yes.  Placing hot pans or baking dishes will not affect granite or its finish.  It has a temperature tolerance higher than 600 degrees.  This is one thing that sets granite apart from man made materials which will blister by temperatures as low as 200 degrees.

Can I cut on granite or do I need to use a cutting board?

Yes you can cut directly on granite.  But beware you will dull all your knives.  Granite is harder than the stainless steel blade of a knife.

What kind of maintenance is required with granite?

For daily cleaning we recommend wiping your counters with diluted dish soap. It is not necessary to use any special cleaners on granite. At the time we install your countertops we will seal your granite, then every 2 years a re-application of a silicone impregnator should be performed.  This process can be done by the homeowner and takes about 15 minutes to do. This sealer adds an extended resistance to water and grease, and has no effect on the stone’s natural appearance.

Will bacteria grow on granite?

Bacteria, like any other living organism, needs something to feed on in order to live.  Bacteria cannot eat granite.  Unclean countertops can harbor bacteria regardless of what countertop material is used.  Granite has performed at the top of the list when compared with all other countertop materials.

What is involved in pricing a countertop?

There are many things that are involved in pricing out countertops:  material cost, design, edge profile and number of sink cutouts.  To price out your countertops we need measurements of the areas you want stone installed on.  We can assist you with this by visiting your home.  This also allows us to see your homes style, cabinet colors and any other plans you have for the area so we can better assist you in choosing a color that would look best.

Can I use marble in a kitchen?

Yes you can, however, because marble is susceptible to staining, scratching and etching, the use of marble in a kitchen requires careful consideration.

When should I select my granite?

It is a good idea to select your granite at the same time that you are making decisions on tile, carpeting and cabinets.

Where will the seam placement be (if necessary)?

Seams are a necessary evil in the fabrication work we do. 

Is granite more expensive than man made materials?

Many granite colors are offered at the same price or sometimes less than man made products. It depends on the granite.  Availability, color and the country of origin are all factors that affect the price of granite.  If the supply of a color is short and the demand is high, the price will reflect that.  Given that stone is a natural product imported from all over the word, the price of each piece can change substantially.

I don’t know what color I want to have installed, can I still get an estimate to see if granite is in my budget?

This is not a problem.  We can price out a few different color ranges so you can see how affordable natural stone really is.

Do you need our sink and faucet? Do our appliances need to be on site at the time of the template?

We will need to bring your sink and faucet back to our facility to fabricate your job. Because we like our sink cutouts to be perfect we create our own template of the sink being installed in your job. 

How does the full process go?

After selecting your stone colors we will then give you a final quote.  Contracts are then signed, deposits made and your stone is tagged or ordered for you. 

Can I view my slab(s) before they are fabricated and installed?

Yes.  It is very important that our client’s project is completed to their utmost satisfaction.  This means making sure that you are satisfied with the color selection you have made.

Can we install our own granite countertops?

The installation of granite requires specific tools and machinery.  Granite must be handled a particular way when it is being installed, not to mention it weighs about 20# per square foot.  It is not a “do it yourself” project.

Where do we obtain your stone?

Our stone we install is quarried from all over the world. We then receive it from suppliers located here in the United States. We only purchase our stone from suppliers that have select granite.


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